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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Anwar Hamdan Sajwani

Specialist with expertise in retinal vitreo treatment and laser treatment for Glaucoma,Diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, Macular degeneration ,Retinopathy of prematurity

Dr. Med Bertram Meyer

Refractive Surgeries
Scientific Board Member Of Carl-Zeiss – Meditec
German Board Ophthalmology.

Dr. Ahmed El Sawaf

Refractive surgeries and Cornea Disease
Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons ( Glasg)
More than 15 Years experience refractive surgeries

Dr. Christian Kleczka

German Board. Ophthalmology
More than 18 years experience in ophthalmology field
Cataract removal under local Anesthesia by Phacoemulsificationwith IOL Implantation (Small Incision / suture less surgery)

LASIK treatment
At Laser Eye Center with the latest innovative technologies and highly trained staff we offer our patients exceptional and experienced eye surgeons to perform laser eye surgery. Lasik treatment is a surgery to correct myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. The pre-Lasik assessment is the most significant part of the entire process and it is revealed that the thoroughness of this assessment will ensure optimal results post-surgery. We take this step seriously and ensure all our patients have a thorough pre-Lasik treatment assessment.

Lasik Facts

  • The procedure is done using a high-tech precise laser.
  • It is simple and takes 10 minutes in its entirety.
  • Recovery is quick and patients require minimum post-op care.
  • The surgery is easy and most patients are amazed at how effortless it really is.
  • Patients will experience substantially improved eyesight a few hours after the procedure.

What are refractive errors?

Refractive errors can be mild vision problems which include farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. Types of refractive errors which can be corrected using Lasik treatment
Myopia or shortsightedness - Only nearby objects are distinct
Hyperopia or farsightedness - Only far away objects are distinct
Presbyopia or aging eye - This condition develops in people between the ages of 40 to 50 and seeing objects closeby becomes a challenge. It can be corrected through the use of reading glasses and bifocals, and now with advanced technology Lasik treatment is also a viable alternative.

How does Lasik treatment work?

Lasik treatment is a quick procedure which uses a laser to reshape your cornea. It changes how the light is directed to the inside of the retina allowing your eye to have clearer focus on objects.

Will Lasik treatment work for you?

If you want to know whether you are a good candidate for Lasik treatment, consider the following?
  • You are 18 years and above
  • You are not on prescription drugs which include the likes of oral prednisone
  • You have a stable prescription
  • You are in good overall health

Advantages of laser eye surgery?

  • Lasik treatment gives 96% of patients their desired outcome.
  • There is very little pain involved in the procedure.
  • Patients will experience immediate correction in vision.
  • No bandages or stitches are used.
  • If treatment is required to further correct your vision adjustments can be made years later.

The Procedure

Lasik treatment is an outpatient procedure. The eye surgeon will apply numbing drops into each eye to ensure you feel no pain whatsoever. If the surgery is performed on both eyes, it will take half an hour at the most. The surgery is minimally invasive and painless.

Post Surgery

Your eyes will heal relatively quickly, it is however best if you rest for upto 48 hours. In the case of patients who have to go back to work immediately, Lasik treatment requires minimal post operative care which means you can get back to your regular routine within 24 hours. It is best to avoid swimming and sports for up to 2 weeks, post-treatment. We at Laser Eye Center are dedicated to restoring clear and sharp vision using the most advanced techniques and tools in refractive surgery. Our highly qualified Lasik eye surgeons will provide comprehensive laser eye procedures. We employ advanced technology and state of the art equipment, and use surgical techniques that are outstanding and make it our priority to provide superior quality care for you. Live your life to the fullest and achieve your potential with freedom from glasses and contact lenses with Lasik treatment.